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Національна академія правових наук України
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The National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine will hold the two­days International Conference on «Constitutional reform of local governance in Ukraine: lessons from the Visegrad Group (V4) countries» in 21-22 October 2016. Location of Conference – Kyiv (Ukraine). The following participants are considering to take part in the International Conference: members of the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine; academics and members of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine; international and national experts in the field of reformation of the local government; members of Parliament of Ukraine, the head and judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine; representatives of local governments; representatives of non­governmental and human rights organizations etc.

Transformational processes in Europe in the XXI century affords to determine the following ways of improvement the administrative and territorial structure:

  • a new wave of consolidation of the basic administrative and territorial units;
  • small units formation as a territorial base of local running aiming to represent the townships’ separate legal interests in a joint municipality;
  • a “new regionalism”, caused by the consolidation of the legal status of regions, redistribution of functional and competent sphere towards authoritative power extension of regional power level;
  • forming of intermediate levels, which actually are not administrative and territorial units, but forming to realize the tasks of economic development, planning and accounting;
  • intensification of the constitutional and legislative guarantees of the territorial base of local self­government.

Special attention has to be paid to the foreign experience of resolving the legal, organizing, material and financial problems of the amalgamation of basic administrative and territorial units. Experience of the V4 countries in addressing these issues is especially important for Ukraine ­ especially in view of the European integration aspirations of Ukraine.

The following issues are presented for discussion in the Conference:

  • Local democracy in the system of European values.
  • Improving territorial organization of public power at the current stage of development of Ukraine: search for optimal model.
  • The task of reforming local government in terms of Ukraine’s Eurointegration aspirations.
  • The European experience of improving the administrative and territorial structure (on the basis of the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia):
  • - institutional level of local government;

    - electoral innovations of the formation of local governments;

    - approaches to defining the functions and responsibilities of local government (subsidiarity, decentralization);

    - reform of local government’s financial security (adequate financial resources, increasing the financial autonomy of local government, the transition from "cost management" to the system of "performance management", providing access to the capital market).

  • Optimization of public power decentralization at the local level, regionalism and democratization as the main targets local government’s reform.
  • The postreform period: key challenges and dangers.
  • Conclusions, or Action plan for Ukraine.

Ukraine in many ways has a common history with the countries of the V4. For many years all these countries were part of the socialist camp and at the end of the 1980s and in the early 1990s experienced a difficult period of transition to the new public development model. Nowadays the countries of the V4 are the members of the EU; Ukraine reaffirmed its European vector of development. It is not the first year that the preparation and partial implementation of the reform of local government continues in Ukraine. However, this reform cannot be successful if the the experience of effective reformation of local government in the countries of the V4 will not be taken into account, as well as the experience of the solution of the problems that have arisen in the postreform period.

Target groups of the project are members of the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine; members of Parliament of Ukraine, the head and judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine; local governments. They are persons who are involved to the conducting of local government reform in Ukraine. The group benefiting from the project ­ citizens of local communities. The local government reform has to give citizens and their elected leaders more control over the governance decisions that directly affect their lives and livelihoods. Under the current system, citizens see few reasons to engage or participate in local decision­making, which contributes to the problem of unresponsive local governance. Effective local government reform will improve citizen engagement and oversight in local governance.

An international conference with the participation of representatives of the V4, on the one hand, and the persons directly involved in the conduct of local government reformin Ukraine, on the other hand,can become an effective networking platform and further dialogue between Ukraine and the countries of the V4, the expert level included. This will allow more efficient implementation of the task of reformation of local government in Ukraine. The publication of a collection of articles of the participants of the conference is planned. The planned volume of the collection is 300 pages, the planned edition ­ 300 copies. The conference will be attended by at least 100 people. Following the conference, the Action Plan for Ukraine on the reformation of local government will be prepared.

It is expected that the participants of the Conference will exchange contacts. This will enable them to exchange information on the implementation of the reforms in Ukraine, as well as allow the participants from the Ukrainian side to coordinate their actions with each other. In addition, a draft of the Action Plan for the Ukraine on the reformation of local government will be brought to the attention of the central and local authorities. A Skype all with the central participants of the conference will be scheduled 4 months after the Conference, in order to exchange the information on the progression ofthe reformand new problems that arise in the course of its conduct.The information about the best practices of the reformation of local government in the countries of the Visegrad Group will be proposed to include in the educational programs of the highest law universities of the country.

Project partners

1. Tadeusz Kopy. Address:Jagiellonian University, ul. Gołębia 24, Kraków, 31­007, Poland. Website: www.uj.edu.pl

2. Małgorzata Kuźbida (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Wschodnioeuropejska w Przemyślu). Address: Książąt Lubomiskich 6, Przemyśl, 37­700, Poland. Website: www.pwsw.pl

3. Organization "WE ARE TOGETHER". Address: Čsl. Parašutistov 23, Bratislava, 831 03, Slovakia. Website: ukraine-slovakia-sos.org

4. Olga Papp (University of Debrecen). Address: Kassai ut. 26, Debrecen, H­4028, Hungary. Website: jog.unideb.hu


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